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Experts in Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning Victoria

About Concrete Scanning

Our experience team of technicians use the latest concrete scanning technology to provide our clients with the confidence they need to make informed decisions.

Scanning your concrete prior to cutting or drilling provides assurance that you will not cause unnecessary damage, interfere with services, or diminish the structural integrity of the slab.

Our Recent Work

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When would you need concrete scanning?

If you are going to core, cut or drill a concrete slab, it is highly recommended you identify the components within the slab before commencing this work.

Scanning can detect reinforcements, post-tension cables, electrical conduit, and voids. If you are using a contractor, making them aware of what is contained within the slab provides them with the reassurance to complete their work.

Concrete scans can also determine the internal structure of the concrete, allowing engineers to verify the integrity of the slab and review slab measurement and rebar spacing depth & size.

Our service includes:

  • Locate and mark out in-slab utilities such as electrical conduits
  • Locate in-slab structural materials such as post-tension cables, reinforcing bar, beams, piles and footings and mark on slab
  • Detect voids in block work walls, the underside and inside of slabs
  • Measure thickness of concrete
  • Map size of reinforcing bars and spacings
  • Provide a report of findings including photos and measurements
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