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Experts in Non-Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging Victoria 4

Non-Destructive Digging Victoria

Fast becoming the preferred method of excavation for many in the Construction Industry.

Non Destructive Digging (NDD) uses high pressure water and a vacuum to safely excavate soil, particularly around underground utilities, including water, telecommunications, power, and gas assets.
By safely breaking up soil through the use of high pressure water, the risk of damage to utilities is vastly reduced and avoids costly repairs to damaged services, when compared to manual or mechanical digging methods.

This enables safe, fast, precise excavation that requires less backfill, labour and restoration.
D-Tech can safely excavate your next project within Victoria.

NDD services are ideal for:

  • Potholing – slot trenching service proving excavation
  • Trenching – tree root proving excavation
  • General excavation if unknown utilities could be present
  • Tight access excavation
  • De-watering
  • Pit Cleaning

Our Recent Work

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D-Tech Underground Service Locating Slider 3
D-Tech Underground Service Locating Slider 1
D-Tech Underground Service Locating Slider 2

Street Sweeper

D-Tech also provides the latest in Street Sweeping equiment.

Cleaning roads from dust, dirt, mud, oil and debris our regenerative Street Sweeper with 6m³ Hooper and our powerful 17,000cfm air intake system can handle any situation.

D-Tech Street Sweeping services are ideal for:

  • Kerb to Kerb on roadways
  • Car Parks
  • Loading Bays
  • Off-site haul roads
  • Project handovers
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