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Underground Service Locating Victoria

Underground Service Locating Victoria

D-Tech have a team of dedicated underground services locators who can trace & map out subsurface utilities at your site, allowing these assets to be protected & understood.

Our technicians lift all on site pits and manholes, collecting & recording information such as pipe and chamber sizes, depths, direction of flow, conduit sizes, materials, configuration and utility type.

On Site service findings are photographed & our in-house draftsman is able to accurately update CAD files with the technicians findings. If CAD files are not available, D-Tech is able to provide clear detailed PDF plans on Satellite images.
D-Tech uses both electromagnetic cable locating (EML) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to trace & locate underground utilities.

  • EML Locating – Used to locate conductive utilities such as metallic pipes, electrical and communication cables
  • Ground Penetrating Radar – Used to locate non conductive material such as Poly or Nylon gas lines, blue brute and PVC water mains, empty conduits, underground storage tanks, underground voids & abnormalities in subsurface compaction.
  • Traceable Rod with EML – Used to locate accessible empty pipes or conduits, i.e. Sewer and Storm water pipes and empty conduits.

All our work complies to the Australian Standard AS-5488.1:2019 classification of subsurface utility information.

Our Recent Work

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When Would You Need Underground Service Locating?

D-Tech can undertake such investigations for the following purposes:

  • Development Sites – to ensure that all existing services are located to avoid any complications to ongoing works or to new services being installed.

  • Construction Sites – to determine the extent of services within the concrete for old and new buildings prior to core penetrations of redevelopment of any one area.

  • On Site Data Collection – detailed drawings obtained from site and collated with plans and exisiting service provider infrastructure drawings from relevant authorities.

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